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Navy Blue Luxury Hammock with macrame - 14ft x 5ft - Brazilian Premium Handmade w/ Natural Cotton

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Its fabric was made creating a unique model. This hammock was made on sturdy Jacquard looms. Its finishing was done manually, the heads that hold the strings were plaited by hand and soon after using a wooden loom, a strip was woven that joins these heads. Its 16 pairs of ropes make this hammock support more than 140 kilos.

Its side macrame was also made by hand, with 7 pairs of threads that intertwine forming a set of diamonds. Our sleeping hammocks value and support manual labor and crafts, creating products with quality, durability, beauty, and providing comfort and well-being.

They are beautiful and authentic Brazilian hammocks made by artisans. Excellent addition to any porch, backyard, cottage, campsite, or even a bigger bedroom or living room. They last a lifetime.

Textile Measurements, without rope or macrame:
8.5 ft by 6 ft / 2,60m x 1,80 m
Total measurements: 14 ft by 6 ft / 4,4m x 1,8m 
Weight: 3,400 kg
Maximum Load Capacity: 400lbs / 180 kg 
Composition: 100% Natural Cotton
Ideal Hook Distance: Approx. 9.5ft to 11 ft 2.90 to 3.60 m
Ideal Hook Height: Approx. 6ft / 1.90 m

The hammock does not stain or release ink. There may be a decrease or stretching of about 5% of the total size due to washing.