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Brazilian Original Collectible DVD Super Nanny Complete 6th Season SBT

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Children are the purest and sweetest beings in the world, but they can turn a family's life upside down if parents don't set limits. For many parents, what seems like an easy task, can turn out to be crazy! If you don't believe in that, just watch Super Nanny - Season 1 Complete, the program that became a real sensation on Brazilian television and that is one of the biggest audience phenomena in the world. It is exactly when the situation gets tough and the family no longer knows who to turn to, that our SuperNanny comes on the scene. Child Education expert, Cris Poli, elected Brazilian SuperNanny, puts into practice all the techniques to put these children artisans on the line. The whole process of re-education of the child and his parents, as well as the results that seem miraculous, you will be able to check out watching Super Nanny - Season 1 Complete on DVD. The real practical class for early childhood education available to all Brazilian families.