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barril de imburana 5L para cachaca vertical - Top Barrels

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Products made with noble materials, using state-of-the-art equipment and assembly processes, providing an impeccable finish to the final product and dispensing with the need to cure the product before use. All our barrels are delivered ready for use, after undergoing a rigorous quality process, minimizing any possibility of leakage or cracking.

Height: 21 cm
Width: 16 cm
Length: 19 cm

Do you need to cure the barrels before you put the drink on? No, all our barrels are already cured and ready to use.

Do the barrels always have to be full of drink so they do not crack? No, the ideal is that the barrels have at least 1/3 liquid inside.

Do the barrels undergo any toasting or burning inside? No, because it is cured and aged wood, this technique is dispensed with!

Are there potential for leakage or cracking? No, all our barrels undergo a rigorous process of quality, and wait in our stock completely full of liquid, which allows us to evaluate if any presents some type leakage.


-2 liters Oak Barrel, comes with support, stopper and faucet.