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Natura TODODIA Conjunto Cereja Avelã / Jetly Cherry And Hazelnut Set

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Conjunto Tododia Cereja e Avelã / Jetly cherry and hazelnut set

Every day it is a day to wake up your most sensual side and feel on the skin your favorite fragrance: cherry and hazelnuts. Toddia is the day of you.

Feel your body with cherry and hazelnut tododia. The nutritious deodorant cream for the body offers a balanced combination of natural ingredients with prebiotic nutrition, which adapts to what your skin needs every day. Already the Body Splash, in addition to complementing the routine with a soft hydration on the skin, brings a sense of well-being with light perfumation, perfect for day to day.


• Nutritive deodorant cream for the body: more firm and soft skin, prebiotic nutrition, creamy texture, deep nutrition, 94% of natural origin and fragrance that surprises.

• Body Splash: light and refreshing perfumation, fragrance that surprises, light skin moisturizing, formula with high naturalness and 95% of natural ingredients.

Content: 1 Nutritive deodorant cream for the body, 400 ml + 1 Body Splash Deodorant Cologne, 200 ml.