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Natura EKOS Conjunto Açaí / Pulp Set Moisturizing Deodorant For The Body Acai

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CONJUNTO POLPA DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE PARA O CORPO EKOS AÇAÍ / Pulp set moisturizing deodorant for the body Ekos Acai

Double antioxidant action to make your skin more illuminated.

Powerful antiopability treatment for your body, with crude oil and açaí seed concentrated extract, which stimulates the natural production of enzymes that neutralize the free skin radicals, leaving it naturally illuminated and promoting a double antioxidant action from the inside out and from outside. In addition, we promote greater use of fruit, generating more income to 368 guardian families, by the living Amazon.


• The refill version of your favorite product has less plastic in the packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet.

• Immediate action: hydrated, illuminated and uniform skin from the first application.

• After 3 days: nutritious and reenergizing action, reversing the signs of cutaneous fatigue.

• After 14 days: it fortifies the skin, protecting it from opacity and dehydration.

• After 30 days: complete revitalization of your skin.

• Vegan products.

Content: 1 Pulp moisturizing deodorant for the body, 400 ml + 1 refill pulp moisturizing deodorant for the body, 400 ml.