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Natura SOU Desembaraço Plus Lisos A Ondulados Sem Química / Conditioner Clearing Plus Smooth To Undulating And Without Chemistry I Am - 400ml

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CONDICIONADOR DESEMBARAÇO PLUS LISOS A ONDULADOS E SEM QUÍMICA SOU - 400ML / Conditioner clearing plus smooth to undulating and without chemistry I am - 400ml

Disengage life. We can prove.

I am wanting to see you causing impact, with less impact on the world. Conditioner clearing plus plus with wavy and without chemistry I am provides easy clearance and offers more softness and strength for the wires. Test our light and delicious formulas to use and prove the results.

Bend: 1 to 2B


• No tests on animals: much love of animals. We do not compact testing in animals <3;

• 100% vegan product: animals are in nature, not in our ingredients;

• Safe ingredients: Only what you need. Free of dyes, petrolates and parabens;

• Eco-logical packaging: 70% less plastic and the planet thanks. You're welcome;

• From people to us: here everything is done in the greatest love. I am all of us;

• Packing Pro Rolê: Practical packaging to accompany you on all Trips and Roles.

Content: 400ml.