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Natura TODODIA Combo Manga Rosa Água Coco / Combo Manga Rosa And Coconut Water

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COMBO TODODIA MANGA ROSA E ÁGUA DE COCO / Combo Tododia Manga Rosa and Coconut Water

The refreshing fragrance of all means to intensify your care routine.

Every day is day to take care of the skin with a complete line of products made especially for the summer and accompany you from dawn at sunset. Feel the refreshing fragrance that moisturizes, perfumes and protects the whole body.


• Roll-on anti-transpirant deodorant: exclusive formula that takes care of the skin and maintains its natural hydration. Prevents spots on light and dark clothes. Protects 48H against the effects of sweat.

• Bar soap: a combination of natural ingredients in a gentle formula that clears delicately maintaining natural skin hydration.

Content: 1 anti-transparent deodorant roll-on, 70 ml + 1 soap in pure vegetable bar, 90 g.