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Kit Quasar: Quasar Deodorant Cologne 100ml + Deodorant Roll On 55ml - o Boticario

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The quasar combo provides, with a balance of ingredients in its fragrance, an explosion of energy and vitality during use. With a deodorant Cologne and a Roll On deodorant, this male gift completes the male care routine. The Quasar deodorant Cologne accompanies the balanced notes of fruits with the spices that provide a sense of energy when you use. This male colony deodorant is perfect for men who are not afraid to face their fears. With an intense and prolonged perfumation, you leave self-confident and safe home. Its fresh Fougère fragrance has tones of bergamot and lemon, in addition to the base with musk and sandalwood that balancing the olfactory leaving it soft for day to day life. Deodorant Roll On Quasar confers protection for much longer. It protects your body from the bad odors from sweat, as well as moisturizing and caring for the skin. Provides intensive protection for up to 48h. The quasar combo contains: 01 Quasar deodorant Cologne 100ml 01 Deodorant Roll on Quasar 55mlnenhum Group of the Boticário Group is tested in animals.Family olfactory: Fougère fresh