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Kit Malbec Flame: Deodorant Cologne 100ml + Moisturizing Deodorant Lotion 200ml - o Boticario

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The Malbec Flame combo brings two items to complement the personal care routine of all men: malbec flame deodorant colony and moisturizing deodorant lotion. Malbec Flame is a male fragrance of the Launched Olfactory Family Chypre. Impacting and sophisticated, it counts on the exclusive touch of the wine blend of the Nerello grapes, which are born on the slopes of the Italian volcano Etna. Oily. The product also acts in the droughts, repairing the whitish and rough aspect. It is the line of Malbec Flame is vegan. The combo contains: 01 malbec flame deodorant colony 100ml01 lotion deodorant moisturizer body malbec flame 200ml