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Kit Malbec Flame: Full Line (4 Items) - o Boticario

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With four items, Combo Malbec Flame has the power to show men that self-confidence is its most powerful force. Therefore, it brings products that will complement the care routine.

Malbec Flame deodorant Cologne is from the Hairstyle Olfactiva Chypre and is an attractive and intense masculine fragrance. It brings the exclusive touch of the vinous blend of the Nerello grapes, which are born on the volcanic slopes of Italy.

The body moisturizing deodorant lotion will check the hydration that your skin needs to give a smooth perfumation. And the best: without leaving the skin sticky.

Body spray deodorant and refill have formulation with double active that acts against the bad odors caused by perspiration. Just use the product after bath and ready!

Combo Malbec Flame Full Line is ideal for all your favorite products or gift that special person!

100% vegan line.

The combo contains:

01 malbec flame deodorant colony 100ml

01 Lotion deodorant body moisturizing malbec flame 200ml

01 Deodorant Body Spray Malbec Flame 100ml

01 Refill Deodorant Body Spray Malbec Flame 100ml