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Kit Malbec Black: Deodorant Cologne + Shower Gel - o Boticario

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For the male routine, we combine two incredible products from the Malbec Black line. Cleaning and perfumation for the skin like never seen before! The Malbec Black combo: deodorant colony + shower gel is marked by an aroma inspired by the sophisticated wines universe mixed with elements of great olfactory wealth.Responsible for this unique and intense aroma Malbec Black deodorant Cologne is a landmark of the perfumery. Its oriental sampled fragrance mixes land and noble woods with soft tones of vanilla and whiskey and leather notes and The same fragrance of the colony, the Malbec Black Shower Body Gel is the solution to take care of the body and hair quickly. Formulated with charcoal extract, the shower gel forms a creamy and fragrant foam cleansing deeply and leaves hair soft and brightly. Combo Malbec Black contains: 01 Malbec Black deodorant Cologne, 100ml01 Malbec Black Shower Body Gel, 200g