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Kit Love Lily: Eau De Parfum + Cream Moisturizing Cream Body Deodorant - o Boticario

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Lily brings fragrances that value the richness and classical tradition of perfumery, obtained through the extinct technique infleurage of the lily flower. The Lime Lily line came to intensify the elegance, combining lily sophistication with the exclusivity of Grand Rose, perfect alchemy that brings a single and special rose obtained by the interaction of the essential oils of Roses from France, Turkey and Bulgaria. To bring this to you, Combo Love Lily: Eau de Parfum + body satin cream, an ideal set of perfumation and hydration for the skin. The Floriental Fragrance Pink Love Lily Eau de Parfum brings personality. The output notes have freesia, Néroli and Bergamot. Following Lily and Grand Rose, the heart contains peony firbest and jasmine petals, while the base ends with amazed wood, vanilla, sandalwood and provide a prolonged perfumation of the Eau de Parfum, the love lily moisturizing cream moisturizing cream It has a satin touch texture that moisturizes the skin intensely for up to 48 hours and still has the sophisticated fragrance of Love Lily. The formula of the acetin cream is enriched with vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties, and emollients that form a moisturizing film on the skin, avoiding the dryness caused by the sun or cold and dry climate. The product still has deodorant function! The Love Lily Moisturizing Cream Body Deodorant Leaves Hydrated, Deodorized and Scented Skin! Combo Love Lily Contains: 01 Love Lily Eau de Parfum, 75ml01 Love Lily Moisturizing Cream Moisturizer Deodorant Body, 250Gótica Gift Option for Secret Friend!