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Kit Lily: Deodorant Cologne 75ml + Body Splash Deodorant Cologne 200ml + Nécessaire

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Combo Lily is perfect for those who love the female perfumery brand of O Boticário. There are 2 items that complete your scuming routine with a lot of charm, and you still take a nécessaire. Perfect for carrying your Lily items with you! Look that:

L'Eau de Lily Deodorante Cologne 75ml

Made especially for those who love Boticário's female perfumery brand (or always wanted to try) and does not give up a soft scuming, L'Eau de Lily is the first deodorant Cologne of Lily. It brings a freshest fragrance, ideal to accompany you on the day-to-day rush.

Inspired by the woman who can be as empowered as sensitive, L'Eau de Lily deodorante Cologne has a touch of freshness and delicacy in the floral and remarkable signature of its Eau de Parfum version.

Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Lily 200ml

With the same smelling of the moisturizing acetinating cream body deodorant Lily, the female fragrance of body splash is the right item to promote smooth perfumation in your routine. The floral fragrance of Splash bouquet creates the perfect combination with the satin cream and the Lily Eau de Parfum or L'Eau de Lily deodorante colony.

In addition, the Splash format facilitates the application several times throughout the day and is super easy to always take with you in the Nécessaire.

Clutch Off White Lily

And talking about Nécessaire, this combo also accompanies the Clutch Off White of Liy: the accessory you needed to take your favorite items always with you! It is done in polyurethane, polyester and nylon and, besides being super easy to clean, has ample internal space!

In neutral tone, the female nécessaire combines both with sophisticated and casual looks and its size fits perfectly inside the bag or backpack. With zipper closure and handle to hold, it also ensures more safety in the transportation of your Apothecary products. It's a lot of love, is not it?

This combo is ideal for giving yourself or surprising someone special!

No botican product is tested on animals.

Updated ingredients on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label.

The Lily combo contains:

01 L'EAU DE LILY Deodorant Cologne 75ml

01 Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Lily 200ml

01 Clutch Off White Lily