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Natura KAIAK Combo Aventura Deo + Deo / Combo Adventure - Deo Body + Refill Deo Body

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COMBO KAIAK AVENTURA - DEO CORPORAL + REFIL DEO CORPORAL / Combo Kaiak Adventure - Deo Body + Refill Deo Body

With the Combo deo Corporal Kaiak Adventure you prolong your well-being and freshness.

There is nothing better than the sense of well-being and freshness that you feel when you take care. The Deo Body Kaiak adventure was developed to keep you protected and scented throughout the day, and with the special combo you take the regular + refill to keep the feeling of freshness longer.

Content: 1 Regular packaging 100 ml and 1 refill 100 ml.

Benefits: Combo with regular packaging and refill, more economy when buying your favorite deal.