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Kit Glamor Just Shine: Deodorant Cologne + Moisturizing Lotion Deodorant - o Boticario

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The Combo Glamor Just Shine: Des. Cologne + moisturizing lotion des. Body brings together two perfumation and hydration products, a colony and a body lotion, to give a UP in self-esteem with a touch of sensuality and a lot of confidence for you to shine when and where you want! Inspired by the combination of a radiant white flower and rare crystals Salt, Glamor deodorant Cologne Just Shine brings a fragrance illuminated and full of sensuality. A gourmand evolution with caramelized pear, bergamot, pink pepper, peach blossom and red fruits in the output notes, and iris, solar flower, Jasmine Sambac, Lumière chord and jasmine petals in body notes. The final touch is due to the vetiver, amber, praline, musk, sandalwood, patchouli and sandalwood .to reinforce the femininity of the fragrance, magnolia and crystals of the salt flower are added, giving a special touch to bring a freshest and more innovative nuance To enhance the brightness of this olfactory construction and promoting an unmistakable and different the same aroma, the glamor moisturizing lotion illuminating body deodorant body just shine leaves the skin soft all day while potentializing the fragrance of the colony, full of femininity and sensuality. In addition to moisturizing the skin, it offers illuminating effect that gives a glamorous glow, and still deodorizes. Combo Glamor Just Shine: Des. Cologne + moisturizing lotion des. Body contains: 01 glamor deodorante colonia just shine, 75ml01 glamor moisturizing lotion illuminator body deodorant just shine, 200ml