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Kit Fragrances: Malbec 100ml + Malbec Play 50ml - o Boticario

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The combo is the perfect gift to enjoy the unmistakable fragrances of Quasar!

Malbec deodorant Cologne is a male fragrance of the family of the woody. It is unique and developed through an exclusive manufacturing process in the world. It brings the world's inspiration from the wines to the male perfumery. Vinic alcohol, obtained through grape fermentation, is aged in French oak barrels, equal to those in which rest the best wines in the world.

Made of fresh and woody notes based on plum, oak and vanilla, malbec deodorant colony represents masculinity in a unique way. It suits men who know whether to impose. Which are noticed where they pass. Who have the essence of conquest in everything they do.

Malbec Play deodorant Cologne is a refreshing fragrance for boys over 12 years. It is a fresh woody with a fresh composition, brings the woody notes of Malbec, with a touch of pepper to draw attention to where to pass, irreverence and power. You will feel the trust you need only with a spray.

Whether at school or on the tour with friends, the deodorant Cologne will be the ideal partner for all moments. If you get ready with all the details you like: That cool clothes, that fashion sneakers and, finally, a malbec spray will turn your look and you're going to ruin your day!

Gift with Apothecary!

No botican product is tested on animals. Dermatologically tested.

The combo contains:

01 malbec deodorant colony 100ml

01 Malbec Play Deodorant Cologne 50ml