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Kit Fragrances Celebrate Your Strength: Male 100ml + Female 100ml - o Boticario

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The combo celebrates its strength brings 2 versions of fresh and potent fragrances, perfect to remind us of how important it is to celebrate the small achievements of the day to day. The female colony to celebrate you and your strength, celebrate your strength deodorant female colony is the fragrance of Frutal floral olfactory family brings the power of flowers and fruits in a fragrance that explodes full of freshness and has its citrus side enhanced by the brightness of the creamy woods, perfect to commemorate the optimistic energy that illuminates the paths. Claw, celebrate your male colony deodorant strength is the fragrance of the Olfactive Fougère aromatic family that brings the freshness of the contrasted citrus notes with the brightness of the spices and the intensity of the woods, to celebrate the energy that makes you get further without giving up optimism. No product O Boticário is tested on animals. Updated ingredients on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label. Celebrate your strength contains: 01 Celebrate your strength Deodorant female colony 100ml01 Celebrate your strength deodorant male colony 100ml