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Kit Elysée Blanc: Eau De Parfum 50ml + Perfumed Oil Deodorant Body 150ml - o Boticario

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Combo Elysée Blanc has two products: Eau de Parfum and body deodorant oil. It has a sophisticated and striking fragrance at the same time with indian jasmine touches, one of the most scented flowers in the world. With this combination, you complete your skin care and keep yourself scented and moisturized at the same time.

Elysée Blanc Eau de Parfum have exclusive ingredients, fruity notes and a remarkable presence of Indian jasmine notes, which bring a lot of authenticity to the fragrance. The presence of the exclusive and imported ingredients leave your skin scented for much longer.

This parfum Eau is a classic and modern female chypre fragrance. It presents at its top floral citrus notes that bring the freshness and in the background a lightweight tone with chord of the brown sugar that brings a green touch to the fragrance.

And the scented oil deodorant body Elysée Blanc was made to make his moment in the bath even more smelling. Body oil has deodorant action and the same fragrance of the parfum Eau. With this, it is easy for you to unite perfumation to skin care. And nothing better than solving everything in the bath, is not it? And best of all: the smell of this product remains more time in your body. It forms a film under the skin, which keeps it soft and velvety.

The products of this combo are 100% vegan, that is, they do not have an animal ingredient.

Combo Elysée Blanc contains:

01 Elysée Blanc Eau de Parfum 50ml

01 Scented Oil Deodorant Body Elysée Blanc 150ml

No botican group product is tested on animals.