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Kit Capricho Hello Stars: Deodorant Cologne 50ml + Body Lotion 200ml + Facial Mask 50g

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Combo Capricho Hello Stars is perfect for presenting 12-year-old girls who, as well as brand, believe that astrology is a great self-knowledge tool that helps you better understand what our role in this world. Capricho Hello Stars invites you to deepen in this world to enhance your best version for a fuller, happy and aligned journey with the stars.

It's 3 items that complement the routine, look:

Capricho Hello Stars deodorant Cologne combines fruity, floral and woody notes like raspberry, strawberry, mandarin freesia and patchouli in a delicate fragrance inspired by the 4 elements of the zodiac.

Already the moisturizing lotion body deodorante Capricho Hello Stars has light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin moisturized and soft for up to 48 hours. In addition, it has deodorant action that protects the skin from the transpiration odors and smoothly perfumes the skin.

Finally, the Antiolosity Facial Mask Capricho Hello Stars has formula with a powerful asset complex that prepares the skin for an incredible and full journey. The activated charcoal provides detox effect, equally the white clay removes the impurities and excess oil of the skin from the first application.

The combo is a great gift option to surprise a girl who loves to talk about horoscope.

No botican product is tested on animals. Dermatologically tested.

* Ingredients updated on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label.

The Combo Capricho Hello Stars contains:

01 Capricho Hello Stars Deodorant Cologne 50ml

01 moisturizing lotion body deodorant whim Hello Stars 200ml

01 Facial Mask Antiolosity Capricho Hello Stars 50g