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Kit Boticollection: Anni Deodorant Cologne 100 Ml + 5 Perfumed Soaps 80g - o Boticario

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Products to take a touch of sweetness for your life, so is the combo boticollection: Anni deodorante colony + perfumed soaps, which was thought especially for the woman who does not give up spread lightness and happiness where it passes, or to present someone or herself.

With a deodorant Cologne and super moisturizing creamy soaps, your daily care routine will be more enjoyable.

The Anni deodorant Colony combines floral bouquet and fruity notes, forming a female fragrance swimming in the right and perfect measure for those who live life with lightness. A revitalization of the Annette fragrance, which in turn was idealized as tribute to the Founder of O Boticário, Miguel Krigsner for his first daughter.

The result is an aromatic combination of great affection. At the top exotic fruit chords, passing through jasmine and finishing with amber and sandalwood notes. Your work or walk in the late afternoon will be charming, highlighting all the sweetness that is in you.

All this in a bottle in amphora format that is a classic of O Boticário.

With the perfumed soaps Boticollection your baths will be even more relaxing and renew your energies to follow the day. Whether to start the day or finalize the night, you will make you feel smelling, with soft, moisturized skin, as well as offer high cleaning with natural extracts.

With the five soaps of the Cecita Blossom, Thaty, Fresh Acqua, Anni and New Acqua Fresh, your life will be sweeter and lightweight.

A combo made to fall in love and make your routine lighter and cheerful.


01 Anni deodorant Cologne Boticollection 100ml

05 perfumed soaps boticollection 80g each

No botican group product is tested on animals.