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Kit Malbec Flame: Deodorant Cologne 100ml + Lotion Moisturizing Deodorant 200ml + Body Spray 100ml - o Boticario

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Combo Malbec Flame brings three line products for you to have your favorite fragrance in all personal care steps: deodorant colony, moisturizing deodorant lotion and body spray.

For the man who seeks an attractive fragrance and to strengthen his self-confidence, it is worth betting on Malbec Flame. From the hampered olfactory family Chypre, the deodorant Cologne combines patchouli and the woody and terrosome intensity of Vetiver, with Blend made with the Nerello grapes, born on volcanic slopes from Italy.

The moisturizing deodorant lotion was developed especially for male skin and gives moisturizing and smooth perfumation without leaving that oily texture.

Already the Body Spray deodorant has double active deodorant that protects against the bad odors of perspiration.

The Malbec Flame line is vegan.

The combo contains:

01 malbec flame deodorant colony 100ml

01 Lotion deodorant moisturizing body malbec flame 200 ml

01 Deodorant Body Spray Malbec Flame 100ml