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Natura HUMOR Combo Beijo Feminino + Elixir / Combo Female Kiss + Elixir

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COMBO BEIJO DE HUMOR FEMININO + ELIXIR / Combo female humor kiss + elixir

Humor is a way of looking at life. An invitation to break the seriousness of daily daily and fun. ?

Tested and proven by neuroscience *, the fragrance female humor kiss awakens the attraction and invites you to live moments filled with love and humor. And to give that help to get together from your crush, the line also brings the exclusive elixir humor + kiss. A product also with proof by neuroscience * and when used in conjunction with the fragrance kiss of female humor, awakens the will to kiss! Science has already tested, can test there too!

* Test performed by the Symrise Neuroscience unit in 2019 with the fragrances kiss humor and elixir humor + kiss.

Content: 1 female colony deodorant, 75 ml + 1 Elixir Humor + Kiss 25 ml.