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Kit Aroma & Therapy Less Stress: Deodorant Cologne 75ml + Environmental Aromatizer 250ml - o Boticario

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With 2 items inspired by aromatherapy, a holistic therapy that provides physical and emotional sense of well-being with the use of essential oils, combo aroma & therapy less stress, please be perfect to surprise someone who needs more tranquility in your day Day. Fragrance for the body: aroma & therapy less stress, please deodorant colony, simply sprinkle and feel the perfumed skin. To perfume your home: Ambient Aroma Aroma & Therapy Less Stress, Please be ideal for making the environment more energized. Aroma & Therapy Items less stress, please have a fragrance of the floral oriental olfactory family with essential oils and ingredients like Sandalwood & Fava Tonka. They perfume and help improve the sense of well-being. Perfect for promoting harmony, prosperity and security. In addition, all benefits are proven through scientific tests such as neuroscience. Aroma & Therapy Believes in the power of natural ingredients to bring what you need: scented doses of relaxation <3 No botican product is tested on animals. * Ingredients updated on the date of this publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the more current information is that of the product label. The combo contains: 01 aroma and therapy less stress, please deodorante colony 75ml 01 aroma aroma aroma and therapy less stress, please 250ml