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Kit Accordes: Des. Cologne + Body Moisturizing Cream - o Boticario

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Combo Accordes: Deodorant Cologne + Body moisturizing cream offers two perfect and complete combinations to maintain hydrated skin and nourished. The Accordes Cologne offers a single, rich and lightweight fragrance that attract attention to where it passes, is ideal for women engaging with a lot of personality and elegance, composed of notes that awaken and values ​​all women's femininity and sensitivity. Accordes body moisturizing cream offers hydration of up to 48 hours of intensive protection with fast absorption leaving the skin extremely soft with a delicious aroma. Feel with that feeling of comfort for much longer Deis of the first application, revitalizes the skin maintaining a touch that silky. Combo Accordes contains: 01 Accordes des. Cologne 80ml01 Accordes Moisturizing Cream Body Deodorant 200ml