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Collection Floratta Experimentation (7 Fragrances) - o Boticario

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Floratta is the largest female perfumery brand in Brazil and Apothecary *. Thinking about it, the Floratta Collection Exprintation with 7 floral fragrances for you to experience is ideal for those who love the successes of the female perfumery of the apothecary.

The Kit Floratta is the perfect opportunity to know other lines of the brand and decide which is the next fragrance that will complete your routine.

Check out what comes in the Floratta Kit:

- Floratta Blue deodorant Cologne 4ml: The combination of floral notes, which are the soul of the fragrance, with the base of musk make this deodorant super comfortable colony;

- Floratta Gold Deodorant Cologne 4ml: This ambassional floriental is as unforgettable as the combination of the orchid with the woody notes. Its composition brings fruit chords such as pineapple and peach gaining sophistication with flowers like orchid and jasmine, closing on a delicious woody touch;

- Floratta Rose deodorant Cologne 4ml: Your floral floral olfactory family provides a reverted as a true handjob for the senses. The top opens with mandarin, cassis and peach, in a fresh fruity complex and pink pepper;

- Floratta Love Flower Deodorant Cologne 4ml: It has notes that bring the solar freshness of the morning dew with a citrus cocktail, giving space to the boldness of magnolia, rose and the freesia, finding a slightly sweet, patchouli itself;

- Floratta Red deodorant Cologne 4ml: The striking, young and engaging fragrance brings the delicacy of the apple blossom and the sweetness of the fruit. In addition to red fruit and orange output notes;

- Floratta Secret Flowers Deodorant Cologne 4ml: Combining with the chord of fig, femininatraz Esfragrance also succulent fruit notes and a vibrant floral, with all the mysteries of femininity;

- Floratta Fleur SUPRÊSA EAU DE PARFUM 4ML: Its fragrance combines the intensity and brightness of the flower of love, Ylang Ylang, with the sophistication of the floral olfactory family Chypre on a striking and long-lasting olfactory result.

Floratta is a romantic, delicate and inspired brand in the floral universe. Its pure and passionate fragrances are made for those who are confident and do not give up the novel.

With the dimensions: 18.5cm length x 9cm width x 3.2 cm depth, the packaging perfectly accommodates the minis jars of the perfumery and is ideal for giving someone who loves the brand.

Experience the unmistakable fragrances of Floratta and find out what your favorites are!

* Source: Kantar, WorldPanel Division, period: Year 2020. Ranking in absolute value (R $).