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Celebrate Your Strength Deodorant Female Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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Celebrating is what gives meaning to life, therefore, celebrates its female colony deodorant strength, brings a fresh, potent and perfect fragrance to remember how important it is to celebrate the small achievements of the day to day. The secret of this deodorant Cologne is the Your feminine fragrance that perfumes the skin the way you like. From the fruity floral olfactory family, she carries the power of white flowers and fruits into a fragrance that explodes full of freshness and has her peach citrus side highlighted by the glitter of creamy woods. Ideal to accompany you in your self-care routine.Conha the other items of the brand and celebrate your strength, celebrate you! About the path of perfumery path has been demanding, you must remember to celebrate you. Celebrate me in the background. Closing his eyes, feeling the breeze beat, thanking him. Because it has heaven outside, there is better future to build, there are you who came here and have a lot ahead. To honor this feeling, he was born celebrate. A line of fresh and potent fragrances to celebrate you every day. Bonnhum O Boticário product is tested on animals.