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Caribbean Line Kitchen Red Pan Kit 12 Items Tramontina Cook Aluminum Starflon

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The Caribe Line is always successful in your kitchen. In addition to the practicality of uniform cooking, provided by the internal and external Starflon T1 nonstick coating, they remain beautiful for much longer, have greater nonstick power, greater abrasion resistance, greater durability, easier cleaning and free of PFOA. Due to the nonstick, food does not stick. They can be used on gas, electric and vitroceramic stoves (electrical resistance) and taken to the dishwasher.

- When using hot utensils be extra careful. If necessary, use hand protection and keep out of the reach of children.
- For your safety, when using utensils with handles, always keep them facing the center of the stove.
- When using your utensil on stoves with a grid, keep the piece centered and align the handle with the grid to reduce the risk of falling.
- To dispose of products and packaging, follow the current recycling guidelines.

Package content:
1 shallow pan 22cm
1 cake pan 26cm
1 pancake pan 22cm
1 Frying pan 20cm 0,8L
1 Casserole 18cm 2L
1 Casserole 20cm 2,8L
1 Pot 16cm 1,4L
1 Pan 18cm 2L
1 Boiler 12cm
1 Spatula
1 tablespoon
1 Shell

Line: Caribe
Color: Red
Material: Aluminum
Internal Coating: Starflon T1 Nonstick
External Coating: Starflon T1 Nonstick
Handle Material: Antipyretic Bakelite
Material Handles: Nylon
Cover Material: Tempered Glass
Utensils Material: Nylon
Thickness: 1.2mm
Number of Pieces: 12

Brand: Tramontina
Package Contents: 1 Set Of Cookware
Approximate package dimensions: 25 x 33 x 51 cm (H x W x L)
Approximate package weight: 3.8 Kg
Additional Information: Dishwasher safe