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Capricho Rock Deodorant Cologne 50ml

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Caprice Rock deodorante Cologne is a young, cheerful, fun and made fragrance especially for moments of teenagers relaxation. Rock is freedom, it is possible to live intense moments even in the midst of a quiet day, because there is nothing better than being able to express freely.indado for girls from 12 years, this Frutal Floral combines creamy grapefruit notes and red fruits which convey the idea of ​​pure involvement. You have to be delivered at the moment without fear of being happy! In the body, evolves and surprises with the classic ylang-ylang note, resulting in a fragrance for young and timeless girls because it is not necessary to be just one thing or another! Surprise with the terrosal nuances of the oak moss base with patchouli, That guarantee excellent fixation and projection! Try also to combine the two fragrances of the line, Sweet & Rock, to get a completely unusual and exclusive fragrance in order to express the whirlwind of sensations caused by this experience of child perfumery! Complete your perfumation with the Bath Moisturizer Caprice .Nach a product of the Boticário Group is tested on animals. Olfativa Family: Frutal Floral