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Brazilian Water Purifying Clay Filter Ceramic Sao Joao Classic Stéfani 5 Liters

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All the tradition of 70 years of Ceramics Stéfani is in the features and technology applied in the filter São João Classic.

Equipped with Sterilizing Candle (Triple Action), which has filter wall in microporous ceramic material, retaining solid particles and impurities, activated carbon, which reduces chlorine, odors and tastes present in water and colloidal silver, eliminating bacteria. All this, without any kind of chemical addition.

Equipped with Clic Faucet and combined with the Float system, which doubles the filter capacity and prevents overflow.

Sustainable and not from plastic.
Durability and proven quality; Water naturally fresh and healthy. 
Made in Brazil; Handmade from special terracotta.
Reduces impurities present in the water. 

Authentic Hand-made terra cotta water filter. 
Cartridge carbon included.
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