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Original Volumax Dazzle Hinode Bulky Volume Impact Black Lash Mask 6g - Hinode

by Hinode
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The Volumax Eyelash Mask is the ideal product for those who want to have bulky and striking lashes. With a different applicator, Volumax gives you lashes with greater volume, without the need for constant touch-ups. Perfect for any occasion, it can be used in the most different assemblies and productions, from simple use in your daily life to the most artistic and elaborate productions. The Dazzle line was developed to provide you with perfect looks on any occasion, always valuing your features.

How to Use:
Pass the brush from the root to the tips to give volume to each application. Apply until you get the look you want. Do not allow to dry between applications.

-01 Hinode Volumax Eyelash Mask 6g