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Brazilian Tracta Body Scrub Invigorating Action Soft Luminous Skin Care 200g

by Tracta
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Body scrub. Tracta Body Scrub deeply renews the skin, removes dead cells and helps to enhance body treatments.

Tracta Body Scrub has an invigorating and refreshing action. It has a formula with grape seeds that promotes exfoliation without drying the skin. In addition, it helps to reduce swelling and hydration. Thus, it leaves the skin renewed, soft and luminous.

How to use:
Apply to dry or damp skin, massaging in circular motions. Then rinse. Use 2 times a week.

Exfoliation deeply cleanses and promotes cell renewal, thus helping to improve skin texture and leave it more radiant, uniform, soft and revitalized.

-01 Tracta Body Scrub 200g