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Brazilian Our Lady of Lourdes Resin Image 42cm Religious Collectible Decoration

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The Resin Image Nossa Senhora de Lourdes - 42 cm is rich in details and has a high standard of quality, it is more resistant than the plaster image, has a better finish and is imported.

Our Lady of Lourdes and her devotion began on February 11, 1858, in the small village of Lourdes, France. That day, three friends went to get firewood in the forest that was close to the village, on the way to the river Gave, they passed a cave. There, Bernadette heard a woman's voice calling her affectionately. The voice came from inside the cave. Curious and obedient, Bernadette entered and saw the figure of a young lady dressed in white, with a blue sash around her waist and a rosary of pearl beads in her hand.

Product measurements: 42 cm high x 17.5 cm wide. Approximate Dimensions.

-01 Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Resin Image 42 cm