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Brazilian Our Lady of Guadalupe Resin Image 42cm Religious Collectible Decoration

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Resin Image Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe - 42 cm is rich in details and has a high quality standard, it is more resistant than the plaster image, has a better finish and is imported.

Our Lady of Guadalupe first appeared to the Aztec Indian Juan Diego. In the Aztec language, the name Guadalupe means, Most Perfect Virgin who crushes the stone goddess. The Aztecs worshiped the goddess Quetzalcoltl, a monstrous goddess, who was offered human lives in holocaust. Our Lady of Guadalupe, however, came to end this idolatry and change the lives of those suffering people. In the year 1539, more than 8 million Aztecs had embraced the Catholic faith, converted and put an end to pagan idolatry. In Mexico and throughout the world, Our Lady of Guadalupe is highly venerated.

Product measurements: 42 cm high, 18 cm wide. Approximate Dimensions.

-01 Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Resin Image 42 cm