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Brazilian Original Santo Antônio Resin Image 9cm Religious Articles Collectible

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The Santo Antônio Resin Image - 9 cm is rich in details and has a high quality standard, is more resistant than the plaster image, has a better finish and is imported.

Santo Antonio or Fernando Antônio de Bulhões, his birth name, was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on August 15, 1195. At the age of 19 he entered the Monastery of São Vicente dos Cônegos Regulares de Santo Agostinho, against the wishes of his father. dad. He lived there for 2 years. With a large library in hand, Antônio advances his history through study and prayer. He is transferred to Coimbra, which is an important center of studies in Portugal, where he stays for 10 years. In Coimbra he was ordained a priest. Soon we saw the gift of speech that overflowed from the young Augustinian priest. He had knowledge and great preaching power.

It is part of our catalog of exclusive SJO products. It is one of several options in resin images available in the virtual store.

Product Dimension: 9 cm high, 5 cm wide. Approximate Dimensions.

-01 Santo Antônio Resin Image 9cm