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Brazilian Original Proactive Dental Gel Activated Carbon Toothpaste 70g - Hinode

by Hinode
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The Proactive Dental Gel of the Pro line has in its formula Activated carbon and Xylitol. Each has specific benefits for dental care with a proven clinical effectiveness test.

Activated carbon: natural active that helps to remove the impurities that yellow teeth without harming the integrity of the enamel. It does not harm the structure of the teeth or the oral mucosa. It has a lightening effect.

Xylitol: natural active that prevents the bacteria present in the mouth from metabolizing and producing acids that cause tooth decay. In addition to helping to prevent the accumulation of bacterial plaque, it keeps the mouth pH neutral, preventing demineralization of the teeth.

How to Use:
Use at least twice a day or always after meals and before bed.

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