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Flau Smilinguido Gang Collectible Ant 42cm Brazilian Original Plush Toy

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Ants form a large family that lives in the middle of the Brazilian forest together with several insects. They are small, fragile, supportive, hardworking and organized like any ant. But they are special, because they have discovered how to relate to the Creator Lord in a simple and natural way. Be part of this world full of fun and demonstrations of God's love.

Flau - She is always in fashion, is vain and likes to be the center of attention. She has an air of superiority and is stubborn. You still don't know the Creator very well, but you are learning, through the Book of Life and the anthill's friends.

This toy is a product developed by Editora Luz e Vida especially for you.

Take care of him with affection and have fun playing with your ant!

100% polyamide fabric, 100% polyester plush, 100% BX fiber filling and recycled polyester.

Smilinguido's stuffed ants and their gang are recommended for children of all ages.

Height: 42
Width: 24

-01 Luz e Vida Smilinguido Gang Ant Plush Toy Flau