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Brazilian Original Natural Immunity Green Propolis Extract 21% 30ml - Hayashi

by Hayashi
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Produced with green propolis and grain alcohol.
Propolis extract rich in flavonoids, compounds responsible for several biological activities beneficial to the body.

Brix: 40%
Minimum Dry Extract: 21%

Consumption Suggestion:
- Children up to 12 years old: start with 1 to 3 drops and gradually increase to approximately 7 drops, at least once a day.
- Above 12 years: start with 5 drops and gradually increase to approximately 30 drops, at least 1x a day.
- Take directly on the tongue;
- Diluted with other cold liquids such as water, juices, milk *, yoghurts *, milk drinks *, etc.
In this case, first add the propolis extract and then add the diluent of your choice, taking it right away.
- To dilute directly in the mouth, put the liquid first and then add the propolis extract.
* Obs. Derivatives of milk soften the smell and taste of propolis without reducing its properties.

-01 Hayashi Green Propolis 21% 30ml