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Brazilian Miniature Electric Locomotive U20C "VLI" HO Frateschi 3036 1:87

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Miniature electric U20C locomotive, "VLi", in 1:87 - HO scale.
Approximate length: 21.5 cm.
Just as General Motors' G-12 was considered, in 1956, as the ideal choice for railways in developing countries due to its favorable cost-performance ratio, the U-20-C became one of these general application, used in gauges ranging from 1.00m to 1.67m, both for passenger and cargo service, but not recommended for maneuvers in yards. Most of these locomotives were manufactured at the Brazilian General Electric unit, in Campinas (SP), and supplied to Brazilian railways, or exported to Mozambique, Jordan, Angola, Bolivia, etc. The U-20-C locomotives manufactured in the USA they were also exported to Colombia, Angola. Mozambique, Rhodesia, Pakistan, etc.

-01 Brazilian Original Miniature Electric Locomotive U20C "VLI" HO Frateschi 1:87 Collectible Train