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Jurassic Park Ian Malcolm 1/10 Collectible Art Miniature Original

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Specialist in the segment of mathematics known as "Theory of Chaos", Dr. Ian Malcolm is among the main characters of "Jurassic Park" and was the protagonist of "Jurrassic Park: The Lost World". Played by Jeff Goldblum, he was invited to the park by insurance consultant Donald Gennaro to point out any dangerous shortcomings. The BDS portrays the iconic scene from the first film where T. Rex escapes and attacks the car where Donald is, along with Tim and Lex, a couple of grandchildren from park creator John Hammond, who abandons the children inside. In an attempt to attract the giant predator, Ian and Dr. Alan Grant grab and turn on beacons to distract the animal.

- Limited edition.
- Produced based on original references from the film.
- Made of Polystone.
- Manual painting.
- Includes base.
- Product Dimensions Approx. 21 cm high.

-01 Original Jurassic Park Ian Malcolm 1/10 Collectible Art Scale Miniature Figure Action