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Brazilian Original Intense Self Tanning Golden Skin Body Natural Bronzer Fluid 1L

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Best Bronze Intense Self-Tanning Fluid has DHA and Erytrulose as active ingredients, which provide an intense and natural tanning to the skin. 1 liter of the product yields 20 applications of 50 ml.

For whom: For professionals who have a compressor and airbrush gun for jet tanning. Ideal for application on people who want a more intense tan and for skins with type 1 tone.

What it's for: The self-tanning fluid is the liquid responsible for the tan tone in the jet tanning procedure.

8 reasons to use:

  • economical packaging
  • Intense and natural golden tone
  • Quick drying (5 minutes for 50 ml applied)
  • Lasts 7 to 12 days
  • Does not come off in the shower (after 8 hours of application)
  • All skin types
  • Disguises cellulite, spider veins and stretch marks
  • Recommended by dermatologists

Use the Intense Self-Tanning Fluid by pouring the product into the airbrush gun container. For Best Bronze compressors and guns, 50 ml is sufficient per application. It is necessary to prepare the skin with exfoliation with vegetable loofah and deep cleaning soap, before application with the fluid. We recommend that the applicator protect their hands with disposable gloves.

Instruct the client not to exercise and to avoid contact with water for 8 hours after application.

Attention: Does not protect against the action of solar radiation.

Contains: 1 unit of 1 liter