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Brazilian Original Green Alcoholic Bee Propolis Extract Sunyata 500ml - Pon Lee

by Pon Lee
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This Propolis Extract is made from Alcohol, and its minimum values.

If you have heard of Propolis, you need to know the Pon Lee Propolis Extract, for the reasons:

Sunyata Pon Lee uses only 100% Export Quality Green Propolis as raw material. Propolis Maturation is done approximately 1 year, with this process occurs the maximum absorption of the substances. High concentration of Propolis in Maceration, being 43%, the maximum possible in natural methods.
Semi-handcrafted, without the use of machinery to speed up the manufacturing process.

It has more than 300 substances, among the most important are Flavonoids, Phenolic Compounds and Arteppilin-C (high concentration in green propolis).


Ingredients: Neutral Alcohol and Green Propolis Export Type

-1 Sunyata Pon Lee Alcoholic Propolis Extract 500ml