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Brazilian Original Energy Drink Citrus Grape Ultra Violet 473ml - Monster

by Monster
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Welcome to the 70s! Time of free and positive attitude, with a unique and unmistakable style: bell-bottom pants with typical bandanas and tye-dye prints.

A time when psychedelic, glamor, heavy metal and rock were mixed in a unique harmony. Took? So let's take a Monster Ultra Violet!

Embark on this magical journey back in time with us!

Flavor Profile: Citrus Grape

Monster Ultra Violet, Grape flavor, dry and sophisticated with low calorie and zero sugar! It's from the Ultra family. Refreshing with a sweet and spicy flavor, as magical as our classic Monster Energy! Only 10 calories in 200ml. Unleash the Ultra Beast!

-01 Monster Energy Drink Citrus Grape Ultra Violet 473ml