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Brazilian Electric Locomotive V8 FEPASA HO 3052 Frateschi 1:87 Collectible

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Miniature of electric locomotive V8, FEPASA, in scale 1:87 - HO.
Approximate length: 24.5 cm.
This locomotive was manufactured in the USA in the late 1930s by General Electric. EP-4s, as they were called, were an improvement over previous series of electric locomotives that were used on electrified railways on the east coast of the USA, especially New Haven and New York Central. The first 6 locomotives of the EP-4 series were delivered to New Haven in 1938 and were 3600 HP in power, weighing 216 tons. The first 4 that came to Brazil were delivered to Companhia Paulista, in February 1940. They had 3800 HP of power and a weight of 165 tons, less than those of New Haven, due to construction changes. In total, Companhia Paulista received 22 locomotives, the last of which was delivered in April 1948. At C.P. they were nicknamed "V-8". The Central do Brasil Railway received 15 locomotives in 1948, which were passed to RFFSA in 1957. Its name at the Central was "Scandalous", due to its large size and the excessive noise they made during operation. In 1982, 10 existing locomotives were transferred to Fepasa. All of them were decommissioned at the end of the 90s with the privatization process of Fepasa, by Ferroban.

-01 Electric Locomotive Train V8 FEPASA HO Frateschi 1:87