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Brazilian Original Best Bronze Clear Vegan Self Tanner Body Bronzer Mousse 150ml

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The revolutionary Clear Vegan Mousse tans you with the most modern self-tanning technology in the world.

Made in the United States, this formula in transparent mousse with encapsulated actives is made with vegan tanning agents and the only one in the world with the powerful polyglutamic acid, which moisturizes your skin 4X more than hyaluronic acid, refreshes in a healthy skin with a natural tan. and uniform.

• Contains natural algae that helps preserve your tan for up to 15 days.
• Dries in less than 3 minutes and leaves no sticky effect on the skin.
• It is transparent, so it does not stain clothes, sheets and towels. It has no smell when reacting with skins with normal pH.
• Totally safe, for all skin types and recommended by dermatologists.
• Apply in seconds and see your skin start to tan in just 4-6 hours.
• The product can be applied during the day or at night. The result after 8 hours is a medium to intense golden tan. You can control the color by applying it in the following days until it reaches the desired color.
• Yields around 15 applications.

1- Exfoliate your entire body with the Exfoliating Glove and a Deep Cleansing Soap to remove excess dead cells and leave the skin uniform and barrier-free for application. You can use the pre-bronze soap and exfoliating glove or a NON-moisturizing soap and vegetable loofah. Hydrate intensely only the driest areas of the body (feet, hands, knees, heels and elbows), this will ensure that these areas do not absorb more product than the others.

2- Press the valve and apply the Clear Vegan Mousse on the Facilite glove and spread it proportionally on the different parts of the body in circular movements. Make sure that all regions receive the same application of the product, which, as it is transparent, must be applied with caution.

3- Wait for the product to dry completely before getting dressed. External factors such as friction, temperature, humidity and perspiration interfere with the product adhesion process, it is necessary to avoid contact with water and activities during the action period.

4- After rinsing the product, wait 24 hours for the tan color to develop completely.

5- If you want to reinforce the intensity, you can reapply the Autobronzeador for days in a row, until you get the desired result.

Vegan Formulation, Not Tested on Animals (Cruelty Free)

-01 Best Bronze Clear Vegan Self Bronzer Mousse 150ml