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Brazilian Original Natural Health Antioxidant Green Coffee 120 Capsules - Hinode

by Hinode
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Developed with natural ingredients and powerful antioxidants, HND Café Verde in capsules is the perfect combination of taste, practicality and health. The chlorogenic acid present in the product potentiates fat burning. Antioxidants, on the other hand, delay the premature aging of cells, skin and the body as a whole. Its positive effect on the body is due to the power of green coffee beans that are full of antioxidants and pharmacologically active components.

Green coffee not subjected to roasting conserves a greater amount of caffeine and chlorogenic acid (a substance that helps to lose weight). For this reason, green coffee is considered to be thermogenic. In addition to assisting in the balance of metabolism, ensuring perfect functioning. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and reducing glucose absorption, preventing the development of hypertension and controlling diabetes.

The use of green coffee as a supplement offers several other advantages for health and aesthetics, in addition to weight loss. Look:

Caffeine: promotes more energy thanks to its stimulating effect; increases concentration and state of attention;

Vitamin B6: reduction of cellulite and improvement of the general appearance of the skin;

Folic acid: strengthens the body's immunity and, together with vitamin B6, has a protective effect on the cardiac system; Reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels thanks to the control of glucose absorption;

Chromium: improves mood, helps control binge eating by sweets and carbohydrates, in addition to relieving PMS symptoms;

Choline: vitamin B complex that has a beneficial effect on memory, in addition to acting positively in the maintenance of muscle fibers.


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