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Brazilian Mixed to Oily Skin Facial Tonic Softness Oil Free Treatment 200ml Skin Care

by Tracta
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Facial toner for combination and oily skin. Tracta Astringent Mixed and Oily Skin controls excess oil from the face and removes all impurities, such as makeup residue and pollution.

Facial Toner Tracta Astringent Mixed and Oily Skin helps to unclog pores and complements the daily cleaning of the face with its purifying action and full of freshness. Your skin is left with a dry touch and controlled shine.

How to use:
After washing your face with facial soap, apply the toner on a piece of cotton and spread over your face. No need to rinse. Use both morning and night.

Our Experts Teach

Avoid passing your hand or objects that are not sanitized over your face, as they can spread dirt and infectious agents that cause or worsen acne.

-01 Mixed to Oily Skin Facial Tonic 200ml