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Brazilian Gulliver Futebol Botão Cristal America Button Football Collectible

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- For the field, choose a smooth surface or button soccer table.
- Mount the goalkeeper, fitting the bat on the back.
- To move the players, hold the vertical palette and press it against the edge of the button.
- To play, follow the rules of table football or combine with your opponents your own rules.
- Teams included: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA, Mexico and Colombia

Package content:
- 6 times with 10 players
- 6 goalkeepers
- 4 Traves
- 6 rodets
- 6 balls and badges

Heads up:
- Merely illustrative images, the colors of the product can suffer variations.
- Not recommended for children under 3 years for containing small parts that can be swallowed.
- Composition: Plastic.