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Brazilian Depimiel Pearl Fluff Wax Macadamia Depilation Hair Removal Waxing 50g

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Delicate and sensitive to the fluff area deserves special care, this way Depimiel developed the ideal Pearl Wax for the fluff. Ideal balanced formula for sensitive regions. Made with titanium dioxide, which increases the adherence of the wax to the hair and not the skin, ensuring greater efficiency in hair removal in the fluff region. Convenience and smoothness for shaving in small regions. It has a creamy texture and a soft perfume

How to use:
1. Remove the cap and seal and heat the product in its packaging in a water bath, thermocera or microwave, until a creamy consistency is obtained.
2. Clean the skin with DEPIMIEL Pre-Depilatory Lotion, completely removing residues of creams, sweat and other substances.
3. Check the temperature of the wax by placing a small amount on your palm or forearm. If you are at an ideal temperature for your skin, start epilation.
4. With a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax on the skin towards the growth of the hair.
5. Place the depilatory tissue over the wax and rub it.
6. With one hand keep the skin taut and with the other pull the handkerchief firmly and quickly against the hair growth (Always pull the leaf parallel and as close to the skin as possible).
7. After epilation, use DEPIMIEL Post-Depilatory Lotion or Gel to attenuate skin sensitivity.

-01 Depimiel Pearl Fluff Hair Removal Wax 50g