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Brazilian Dailus Nail Care Growth Anti Fungal Nourishing Nail Polish Kit 3x8ml

by Dailus
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Want healthier nails but don't know where to start? This kit will help you! With these three foundations, you can strengthen nail growth, prevent infections and deeply nourish. NUTRITIVE BASE has coconut oil in the formula, a key ingredient when it comes to nutrition. BASE GROWTH has a powerful combination to strengthen the nails: D-Panthenol, which is responsible for restoring shine and keeping the cuticles hydrated, and the OP Complex, rich in amino acids and vitamins that restore the nail's protective layer, preventing loss of hydration. The last bottle of the kit, the ANTIFUNGAL BASE, helps to prevent bacteria and fungi in nails and cuticles, due to the tea tree oil in the composition, which has a reconstructive and antiseptic action.

Application tip: How about a monthly care schedule? You can choose a base that will be the protagonist of the program -- prefer the little bottle that best meets your needs -- and use it in weeks 1 and 3. Intersperse with the other two possibilities of the kit, for weeks 2 and 4. An idea easy and simple to perform, to make your nails even stronger, more beautiful and healthier, before going for nail polish!

When should I use each one?
GROWTH BASE: use when you notice that your nails are peeling, are flexible, dry, with vertical lines, horizontal streaks, small holes in the surface, with slow growth and very thin.
ANTIFUNGAL BASE: ideal for weak, opaque, dehydrated and yellowish nails. It also serves to prevent infections.
NUTRITION BASE: if your nails are very brittle and fragile, with peeling and no shine, you can trust this bottle!

This kit contains:
1 Nail Polish Beautiful, Hydrated Nourishing Foundation Bela E Hidratada Para Durar 8ml
1 Nail Polish Growth Base Não Me Lasco Mais 8ml
1 Nail Polish Antifungal Base Livrai-Me Dos Fungos 8ml