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Brazilian Clay Water Purifying Filter Traditional Ceramic Sao Joao Stéfani 6L

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Best Water in the World Filter.
Brazilian Clay Water Filter
Sao Joao
Capacity: 6 Liters 
Vintage but high tech water filter

São João was the first filter to be manufactured by Ceramica Stéfani, in 1947, keeping its characteristics and tradition. And after all these years in the market, he has been present for at least three generations.

And all this public sympathy for the São João Filter is due to its unquestionable quality, durability and economy that have accompanied it since its birth.

    • Proven durability and quality.
    • Naturally fresh and healthy water.
    • Handmade in special clay.
    • Reduces impurities present in water.
    • Equipped with Traditional Candle and Clic Faucet.

Sustainable and not from plastic.
Durability and proven quality; Water naturally fresh and healthy.
Made in Brazil; Handmade from special terracotta.
Reduces impurities present in the water.

Authentic Hand-made terra cotta water filter 
Cartridge carbon included
English Instructions
Equipped with Traditional Ceramic Candle and Clic Faucet.